I'm the fun photographer
for busy
families, seniors, and couples.

If you think your schedule is too jammed to do photos, you need to get out and laugh more than you realize.
I promise, it will be more fun than you expect!

I know busy. I live busy.  So I understand that you can't spend a lot of time preparing for and attending a photo session.  Over the last 18 years, I have created a process that makes photo sessions convenient, easy, and fun for families, seniors, and couples. By getting you outside for just a short time in a beautiful natural location, you'll have a chance to slow down, laugh, and have fun.

I have photographed hundreds of
busy people just like you...


Meet your photographer

Oh, how I wish that I was cool and ​delicate in front of the camera. You might feel the same way.​

No judgement here. I'll teach you some poses that you can use forever in your own photos.

And when I trip over my own two feet, I'll get a real smile out of the grump of the group.

Keeping it real

Chances are I am
allergic to your favorite!

This is the part where photographers will tell you their favorite candy bar to see if you have a lot in common.

I know that many kids (and maybe even adults) are not really excited about getting their photo taken.

I promise it won't be the worst day ever. I'll keep it quick, active, interactive, and fun.

Mom of Boys

41 states.  80 National Park Units. 

And we have driven to most of them.

The trip planning usually starts with a Happy Hour and the question, "What would you think if....?"

Interested in places we have been? 

I love to help plan!

Miles and miles

I never understood people who were obsessed with dogs.  And then we got our Goldendoodle, Maggie.

Still trying to figure out how to be a Stay-at-Home Dog Mom.

​And, yes. You SHOULD bring your dog to your portrait session.

Dog Mom

Grocery shopping is the worst.

I hate cooking.  I don't love home decorating.  I can never put anything away where it belongs.

I have tried my entire married life to prepare nice meals, bake beautiful desserts, buy organizational tools, and take on home decor, but it usually results in a Cara Parker Domesticated Disaster.

I'd like to blame it on my busy schedule, but I think deep down that I have internalized the advice of Roderick, the older brother in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: 
Don't be good at something you don't want to do.

undomesticated goddess

Fun story:

I love vacations, and especially love to go somewhere warm over our February school vacation.

A few years ago, we had nothing planned, so on Thursday night, I texted Derek who was at a meeting, and said, "I can get us a good deal in Williamsburg." 

He said, "Only if Griffin can bring a friend." My reply? "Already taken care of.  Two of them are coming."

Thirty-six hours later, we were in the minivan headed on a 12-hour drive to Virginia with two bonus kids.



Who the heck has time?

Actually, I got a concussion in 2013, and haven't been able to watch movies or TV since!

I grew up on TV. I knew which episode of the Brady Bunch it was by the angle of the house in the opening scene. I am still heartbroken over the ending of 90210. And when we finished Friday Night Lights, I felt like I lost old friends.

But honestly, I don't miss it at all.  There's too much life to live.

Not your average, ordinary, everyday Cara

favorite holiday:                 _____________________________________________________________
Harry Potter House:         _____________________________________________________________
useless superpower:         ____________________________________________________________
best tourist towns:             ____________________________________________________________
Favorite ICe Cream:              ____________________________________________________________
Taco Tuesday
Ravenclaw  --  Wisdom and wit
Naming 80s songs in 3 notes
Bar Harbor. Jackson. Moab. Gatlinburg.
M&M at a Homemade Stand

Just like you, I wake up every day and wonder how I can possibly get through it all! But even though some days are crazier than others, I can't imagine it any other way!

I believe that getting your photos taken should be a fun and easy experience!  And I believe that being outside has healing qualities for an overworked soul.

Whether it's for family portraits, senior yearbook photos, or your wedding day, I will share helpful tips to make the process efficient. I will keep you laughing and having fun, while enjoying some fresh air in a beautiful location. And the result will be authentic photos that show who you are at this stage of life.

I run on caffeine, stress, and the countdown until the next vacation.
I crave my time in nature.

"The session moved quickly and I was able to just let go and not stress about how goofy the kids were being. Letting go made me relax and just think, 'well this is our life - goofy and chaotic! We don't need perfect poses.'

Based on how rambunctious I felt the boys were, I was a little nervous of what you would be able to get. But, the images captured exactly who we were, nothing fake!  You were able to capture the energy so well but also get great frame-worthy portraits."

Karin, Andover, MA

Cara Parker is a certified fifth grade teacher who has also taught and coached at the high school level. She is a passionate educator who believes that children have amazing perspectives on the world. Cara has several years of experience in special education, including working with children who have autism, cerebral palsy, and Down Syndrome.  She is a former Cub Scout Leader and the mother of two Eagle Scouts.  

She has been taking photographs since the age of Kodak Instamatic cameras with disposable flash bulbs.  She is film-trained and has been in the digital space since 2004, starting on the original Canon Digital Rebel (loved that camera!!!) . She has photographed for Merrimack College, Brooks School, Newfound Area Schools, Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation, and Chick Singer Night Boston, and her work has been featured in magazines and newspapers, as well as travel publications for the state of New Hampshire.

Cara believes in human rights-- for everyone-- and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, identity, orientation, ability, language, or culture.  


Thank you! We'll reach out to you shortly!