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Whether you are juggling:

•parenthood or the desire to become a parent
•marriage or a relationship or learning to love yourself
•a full time job or raising children 
•education for yourself or educating your children

we often take on more than we can handle.  

We are superheroes.  But it doesn't mean that we should work ourselves into the ground.

I help busy people balance a photography business with life.

I'm here for you!

As real as it gets

Cara is the best!!! I know I will find clarity when I talk to her! ❤️

Belle Bermudez-Tubel

Perhaps you're trying to earn a little money for family vacations and Christmas presents. Maybe you're hustling to put yourself or your child through college.  It could be that you started your photography business while on maternity leave.  Or maybe, you are reaching for superstar full-time celebrity status.   

My goal has always been to keep my full-time teaching job with its consistent salary and benefits, and work in photography to fuel my creative heart and spirit and earn some "fun money" for my family to travel.

Everyone has a definition of success.  

5 week family trip to utah paid for in cash with photography gigs =
success for me and my family!

Whatever success looks like for you, I can teach you strategies to balance your photography business with your busy life.

What does success mean for you?

At one point, I was teaching full-time, doing photography, running Cub Scouts, raising two young kids, and pursuing my masters while my husband was teaching full-time, working as a middle school athletic coach for two seasons, running Boy Scouts, also raising and coaching our two young kids, and writing his masters thesis.

While we are (mostly) beyond that season of life now (phew) the lessons that I learned during that time are still important today. 

I've wanted to quit many times
But I didn't.

Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

I just started my 19th year in business.

Let's do this together!

I believe in community.  

For the first 12 years of my business, I was all alone. I didn't have a network.  There was no one to ask about business questions, photography questions, and balancing life. If I asked a question in a forum, the response was usually, "How can you call yourself a photographer if you have to ask that question??"

Awful human beings.

Luckily, that has changed, and there are so many awesome groups to support us.

I want you to make sure that you have a community of people who can support you so you can thrive.  Being an entrepreneur can be lonely.  We need to empower each other.

You are not alone.

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Wicked Boston Accent
Honest to the core
Practical point of view
Word magician
Hype girl
Timeless; not a trend-setter or follower
In it for the long game
Will never claim to have all the answers
Busy mom/ teacher chasing a dream
Learning every day right alongside you

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