936 weekends
from birth to
age 18.

Make them count.

Having a gorgeous holiday card is no joke!

It's like a competitive sport now!

You want
beautiful photos
of your family.

That weird dance they do. 
The way they make faces.
That sassy pose.
The impish little grin.

But you want to capture their unique personalities.

Just standing there and smiling? That sounds miserable. I'll guide you through an active session that feels more like play than posing.

You don't want to turn it into a family battle.

You still have to go to three baseball games, scouts, a birthday party, AND that drivers ed parent class... today!

And you don't have all day to do this.

You're busy. So most likely, you need a quick and easy appointment. But sometimes, you do slow down and get away.

Have a favorite place that you think would be perfect for photos? Ask.

In the summer, there's always a possibility that I am available for a road trip or flight. If it's out of my travel range, I can customize a quote that includes travel fees.

Passport to adventure

Real, timeless color that you will still love 50 years from now. Natural skin tones. Colors that represent true life and the location.

True-to-life color

You know that it's all about having digital images. About three weeks after your session, you will receive an email with instructions to access your gallery.

You get to download and share with your friends, print photos for your relatives, and order heirloom prints to hang on your wall.

And you'll finally have those photos that you have wanted for years.

Share your photos

You don't have to force them to behave. They're going to run and play. They're going to jump and climb. If there is water, they will probably get wet at the end.

Kids help make some posing choices, because they have great ideas for their family.  

​We will not be sitting on a white wicker chair with a marble backdrop.  We will use the location's beauty to give your photos that  natural feel.

I am a teacher and I am an expert at managing kids. If I am having a hard time getting them under control, I will let you know. Otherwise, don't feel like you have to constantly be speaking to them about their behavior.  My tolerance for chaos is high.

I'm a teacher and I have a very specialized set of skills...

Skills that I have acquired over a very long career...

And I'm not afraid to use them.

A family portrait session starts at $695 and includes digital images and travel within 45 minutes.   Custom quotes available for extended family portraits and TRAVEL IN NEW ENGLAND.

You don't get this time back

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So... are you ready to
find time to make
this happen this year?

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