How to Start College Tours with Your High Schooler

  1. Kimberly Lish says:

    This is some really great advice. I read this prior to our first official tours and just re-read it after taking several tours. I wish J was as decisive as E was about class size, location, etc. I let him do the talking after the tours and asked some open-ended questions. He loved one school that I didn’t think he would and he was pretty iffy about a school I thought he’d like. I’m so thankful that I read your “DON”T SAY ANYTHING” because otherwise, I may have swayed his opinion by offering my thoughts on each campus. I’m looking forward to more insight from you on this process because I definitely do find it overwhelming and stressful.

    • Cara Parker says:

      Thank you for your comment! I think that we want to help SO MUCH, that it’s hard to sit back and not insert our opinions. Believe me, staying quiet and letting him talk first was SOOOOO hard!

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